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Essential Construction Chemicals / Additives for Quality Concrete
2 May 2019

As construction methods for buildings, roads and other infrastructure projects continue to evolve, the need for concrete to continue improving both in quality and durability...Read More

The Important Connection between Concrete Durability and Sustainability
2 May 2019

It probably comes as no surprise that more and more people in the building industry are discussing the future of concrete. Given how commonplace concrete...Read More

Rammed Earth 2-Day Workshops
30 April 2019

Learn how to build with Rammed Earth. Learn the skills and techniques you need to build your own stunning Rammed Earth projects. Over 2 days,...Read More

Latest Interior Design Trend: Concrete Kitchen Benchtops
11 September 2017

Everything that you need to know Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the most important area of any house. A neat and relaxing place for cooking, eating...Read More

Which is the best concrete sealer for your project?
22 June 2017

Penetrating Silicone sealers: As the name suggests, these sealers penetrate into the masonry surface to form a durable chemical barrier underneath the surface that shields...Read More

Technical Report: Application of Tech-Dry Masonry Block Admixtures
28 March 2017

Application of Silicone Nanotechnology for Pre-sealing Concrete Blocks & Pavers Abstract Current research involves application of silicone nanotechnology for pre-sealing pressed concrete blocks and pavers...Read More

Fix efflorescence around the pool
1 February 2017

Firstly, what is efflorescence? Efflorescence is salt deposits that moisture brings to the surface of masonry substrates. The moisture evaporates, leaving the white salty residue...Read More

Interview with the Head of Research to Silipell SP2
4 August 2016

We met with Ren Kebao, the Head of Research at Tech-Dry Building Protection and ask him about the new product Silipell SP2. Here is what...Read More

3 August 2016

Winter is back! With the cold, dark and rainy days, damp issues show up more often too. Did you come across issues such as bubbling...Read More

NEW PRODUCT: SILIPELL SP2 – Admixture for precast concrete
27 July 2016

Silipell SP2 is specifically designed to be incorporated into the production of precast or high slump concrete products. In 2016, Tech-Dry developed a new generation...Read More

Celebrate with us the 20 year anniversary of the Tech-Dry Masonry Blocks!
27 July 2016

20 years ago our Tech-Dry scientists had a revelation. In 1996, we made a significant breakthrough in our silicone nanotechnology research and created the admixture...Read More

8 July 2016

The use of natural stone or decorative coloured concrete pavers makes a great addition to any home. However, like any building material, the permeable surfaces...Read More

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