Maintenance and Protection of Rammed Earth Buildings

Maintenance and Protection of Rammed Earth Buildings

Summer is here and the rammed earth building owner’s attention turns to maintaining the surfaces of their earth building after a long and punishing winter with the added worry of coronavirus.


Tech-Dry have products for the enhancement and protection of interior and exterior earth walls so that the drudgery of constant maintenance is reduced or eliminated.  Modern rammed earth walls in Australia normally have the integral water repellent Plasticure incorporated within the structure of the earth.  This makes the rammed earth wall durable and water resistant and reduces the incidence of unsightly efflorescence.  If the walls do not have Plasticure incorporated within them this is not the end of the world as they can be protected with Stabilised Earth Water Repellent which impregnates the outside walls and makes them water repellent.  Interior walls may be dust proofed so that the constant cleaning of dust from floors is avoided.  Earth Binder is recommended for dust-sealing especially the internal surfaces of rammed earth buildings.


In a technical breakthrough Tech-Dry have developed concrete treatments for the environmentally friendly densification and protection of concrete slabs in the interiors of rammed earth buildings. These products are:


Densacrete 90 General purpose densifier for concrete polishing

Densacrete 150 Higher concentrate densifier for concrete polishing

Densacrete Hybrid General purpose densifier combining potassium & lithium silicates for concrete…

Densacrete Lithium High quality densifier with lithium silicates

Densacrete Premium Oil & water-resistant densifier plus smooth finish for concrete…

Densacrete Lithium Premium High quality, oil & water resistant, fast reacting densifier

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