Concrete Protection

Concrete Protection

When laying concrete, whether it is for an indoor or outdoor surface, it is crucial to ensure it remains protected from moisture, heat and other environmental factors that have the potential to compromise quality or structural integrity. Faults such as cracking, scaling, discolouration and crazing, among many others, can occur if the concrete is not provided with suitable protective measures. Fortunately, Tech-Dry has the concrete protection products you need to maintain your concrete. Discover our quality collection of concrete protection measures that accommodate the needs of everyone from the general public through to experienced concrete waterproofing contractors.

Concrete Protection Products to Combat Concrete Cancer

Tech-Dry Concrete Protection protects against corrosion of reinforced concrete, also known as concrete cancer. Generally, steel embedded in reinforced concrete is protected from concrete cancer by the highly alkaline environment present within the concrete mass. However, carbonation of concrete over time can lead to a decrease in the alkalinity of the concrete, resulting in corrosion of the steel that requires concrete cancer repair products. The exposure of the concrete to a marine environment can often lead to the migration of water together with harmful chloride ions through the concrete to the steel reinforcement, causing concrete cancer. At Tech-Dry, we have developed a concrete cancer treatment to stop the ingress of chloride ions and protect the concrete in a long-lasting most cost-effective way.

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The Tech-Dry collection of concrete protection products can be used outdoors or indoors and includes concrete floor sealing, concrete crack repair and concrete waterproofing solutions, among many others. Our products are available for everyone from DIY home renovators through to waterproofing contractors and similar industry professionals. For more information on any of our products, call (03) 9699 8202 or contact us online. There’s no better time than now to discover the best concrete protection and sealer solutions for your renovation or construction project!

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