Concrete Densifier Sealers

Densacrete Lithium
Densacrete Lithium

High quality densifier with lithium silicates

The Tech-Dry® DENSACRETE range of concrete densifier sealers are specially formulated for treating standard concrete and concrete to be polished.

Tech-Dry® Densacrete 90 is our affordable densifying sealer.

Tech-Dry® Densacrete Lithium products contain active lithium silicates which allow a hardened concrete finish or high quality polished finish to be achieved more quickly.

Tech-Dry® Densacrete Hybrid is an economical alternative, a concrete densification sealer offering properties of the lithium range at an affordable price.

Our Tech-Dry® Densacrete Premium products are advanced sealers that not only provide concrete densification sealing but also excellent oil-and-water-resistant properties to the finished concrete. Using Tech-Dry® Densacrete Premium or Tech-Dry® Densacrete Lithium Premium, for example, combines two applications (densifier sealing and oil and water-proofing treatment) in one, to significantly save labour and material costs.

DENSACRETE RANGE COMPARISON CHART : please view the “Densacrete Range” Comparison Chart highlighting key features and benefits.

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