DENSACRETE 150 is a concrete densification sealer based on innovative silicate technology. DENSACRETE 150 is a non-film forming penetrating sealer that can penetrate, block concrete capillaries and react with concrete to form a hard, dust-proof and colour enhanced concrete finish. Furthermore, a smooth or gloss surface finish can be achieved by concrete polishing. DENSACRETE 150 will not leave visible efflorescence after the treatment.

Recommended Uses

DENSACRETE 150 is used as a concrete densification sealer preferably for treating porous or permeable polished concrete including residential concrete floors, commercial car parks, and factory or warehouse flooring. Applications include treating new and old concrete slabs for strengthening, dust-proofing, and creating a hard, smooth/glossy and colour enhanced polished concrete finish. The sealer may be used for sealing other masonry substrates including natural stone, clay bricks and ceramic tiles. However, a test should be conducted prior to application to determine the suitability of the product for the purpose.

The key features of DENSACRETE 150 include:

  • Penetrates and reacts with concrete to ensure durable protection
  • Leaves no visible efflorescence after treatment
  • Hardens concrete surface and reduces surface permeability
  • Increases surface strength and seals surface from dusting
  • Enhances concrete colour without changing surface characteristics
  • Ready-to-use or dilute with water before use
  • Environmentally friendly water-based technology with nil VOC
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