Earth Building Protection

Tech-Dry® revolutionised the rammed earth building process in Australia with the innovative earth building protection admixtures and sealers. The earth building market differs from the masonry building material market, being is relatively small and not many earth protection products available.

As masonry building materials, paints and coatings are normally not recommended for earth buildings, Tech-Dry® has researched and developed a specialised product range to optimise the quality of earth buildings over 20 years. Our specialised products include waterproof/ water repellent penetrating sealers, dust binders, and water repellent admixtures for rammed earth and mud brick renders.

The Tech-Dry® earth protection products are well established in both the home and overseas markets. Tech-Dry® water repellent admixture such as Plasticure has been proven as the most efficient admixture for rammed earth buildings and gained world-wide acceptance by rammed earth architects and builders.

As technology develops, we continually carry out research and development to stay up to date to offer high quality products and now market offer a wide range of first class rammed earth building protection products.

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