Tech-Dry® Earthshield is a combined penetrating waterproof sealer and surface dust binder for treating and protecting external earth structures. This solvent-based silicone binder will not change the surface appearance or breathability.

Tech-Dry® Earthshield is a penetrating sealer, which reaches deep into the capillaries of earth surfaces, providing the substrate with dust and waterproof sealer effect. As the strong water repellency reduces the absorption of water substantially, the occurrence of efflorescence and other water-borne staining effects are as good as eliminated. Impregnation with Earthshield also prevents surface abrasion of the earth structures.

Earthshield is recommended as a waterproof sealer for mud brick buildings or other earth structures – especially on exterior walls. It is also suitable for other porous masonry substrates including natural stone, concrete masonry, bricks, and tiles and grout.


  • Penetrates into substrate surface.
  • Permanently bonds to the substrate with no peel or blister.
  • UV, alkali stable and durable formulation.
  • Reduces water penetration, efflorescence and water-borne staining.
  • Provides dust-sealing effect and prevents surface abrasion.
  • Does not significantly change the surface appearance and vapour permeability.
  • Easy application and cost effective.
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