Timber Water Repellent
Timber Water Repellent

Effective Timber Waterproof Sealant & Water Repellent Spray



timber water repellent is a water-based user-friendly sealer based on silicone for treating outdoor timber. It penetrates into timber grains rendering the timber surface water repellent. timber water repellent significantly reduces the absorption of water which is responsible for the bulk deterioration of timber substrates. timber water repellent may also be used for treating other permeable neutral substrates.

Recommended Uses:

timber water repellent is recommended as a water repellent sealer for outdoor timber. It may also be used to treat other neutral substrates such as fabric/paper, permeable stones, and polymer render. Some of the important features of timber water repellent include:

  • Fast water beading effect after application
  • Water-based, non-toxic, and non-caustic formulation.
  • Bonds to the substrate with no peeling.
  • UV, alkali stable and durable formulation.
  • Reduces water absorption and water-borne staining.
  • Does not significantly change surface appearance and vapour permeability.

Use Instructions:

Read the product data sheet before use. Do not apply if adverse weather conditions are expected. Clean off surface and allow dry before applying timber water repellent. Always stir timber water repellent before application.

1. Application

timber water repellent is applied using brush, roller or spray. However, the product is preferably applied by saturation application using a hand pressure spray or airless spray equipment to avoid direct contact of application equipment with the surface. Enough material should be applied onto the surface. For the vertical surface, a second application should follow immediately after the first coat is absorbed by the surface. This is termed a “wet-on-wet” application. This is to saturate the surface to allow better absorption and penetration. For horizontal surfaces, one flood coat application may be adequate. If the sealer is instantly absorbed by the substrate, a second coat may be applied immediately while the surface is still wet. Any remaining liquid on the surface which has not been absorbed by the surface after 5 minutes should be removed. This is to avoid excessive accumulation of the sealer in any area which may cause an uneven finish or contamination in the area. The number of applications depends on the permeability of the substrate. For a dense surface, one or two “wet-on-wet” applications is adequate, but for very permeable substrate, two or more coats “wet-on-wet” may be required.

Mask off window, doors or any areas you do not wish to treat. If accidental splashing occurs the product should be removed with a damp cloth immediately to avoid possible contamination.

2. Consumption rate

The consumption depends on the permeability of the substrate. For general purpose treatment, it may be of an order of 5-10 m2 per litre per coat. However, consumption rate may vary out of this range significantly. A test is highly recommended for precise consumption rate.

3. After application

Instant surface beading will develop immediately after dry. However, better water repellent effect will develop in 24 hours and could take up to 7 days for full curing. Avoid heavy traffic for 24 hours. Wash the equipment in water immediately after use.

4. Pilot testing

Due to the variation of timber substrates, it is strongly recommended that a pilot test on a small area on site should be conducted prior to application to determine the suitability of this product for intended purpose.

Photos below show that a good water repellent effect has developed on pine fence boards treated with timber water repellent (left: treated; right: control).

Pine fence boards treated with timber water repellent

Typical Data:

  • Appearance: White emulsion
  • Solids content:          <50% by weight
  • Specific Gravity:         ca. 1.0 g/ml at 20 oC
  • pH value:                   7-9
  • Solubility in water: dispersible in water
  • VOC content: Nil

Important Note:

timber water repellent penetrates into the capillaries and renders the surface water repellent while still leaving the capillaries open and allowing water vapour to evaporate. It reduces water absorption by capillary action. However, it has a limited resistance to water penetration particularly under prolonged contact or hydrostatic pressure. Therefore, in some cases where the substrate is very permeable or there is extreme wind driven rain, resistance to water penetration or water-borne staining may not be adequate.

Handling & Storage:

timber water repellent is a water-based, non-toxic, non-caustic and user-friendly product classified as a non-hazardous material according to the criteria of Worksafe Australia. However, as with all chemical products, good industrial hygiene procedures should be followed when using this product. The product should be stored in a closed container in a cool dry place away from any fire sources. The product has a shelf life of 12 months in a sealed container stored at a temperature below 25oC.

Use under sufficient ventilation

Keep out of reach of children!


timber water repellent is available in 20, 200 and 1,000 litre plastic containers. timber water repellent concentrate is also available, which requires 1:9 dilution with water before use. Please contact Tech-Dry for further details.

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