Timber Water Repellent

Differing from the traditional timber stains or coatings, Tech-Dry® Timber Water Repellent is a water-based penetrating silicone sealer which saturates into the timber grains in order to make timber water proof. There is no peeling after the treatment.

At Tech-Dry, we’re proud to deliver water repellent solutions that can improve the longevity of outdoor timber furniture. Our timber water proof sealer can significantly reduce water absorption of timber, which is responsible for the bulk deterioration of outdoor timber. The life of the resulting waterproof timber is significantly extended.

Tech-Dry® Timber Water Repellent may also be used to treat other neutral substrates such as fabric, paper, permeable natural stones and porous renders.

To make timber water proof, Tech-Dry® Timber Water Repellent can be applied using a brush, roller or spray. However, the product is preferably applied using a hand pressure spray or airless spray equipment to avoid direct contact of application equipment with the surface. This ensures a better result while also reducing mess.

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For more information on this excellent product, download the data sheet below or give us a call to obtain general advice. Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have about our timber water proof sealer and provide guidance where necessary.


  • Fast water beading effect after application.
  • Water-based, non-toxic, and non-caustic formulation.
  • Bonds to the substrate with no peeling.
  • UV, alkali stable and durable formulation.
  • Reduces water absorption and water-borne staining.

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