Admixtures for coatings or polymer renders

Modern water-based latex or emulsion coatings or polymer renders, such as textured coatings, highly-filled exterior paints or polymer renders, are permeable to water penetration. These coatings or renders can not provide sufficient waterproofing protection to the building materials. Tech-Dry® has a range of silicone emulsion admixtures which can be added into latex or emulsion paints or polymer renders to significantly increase the waterproofing property of the coating/render film. The silane/siloxane in the admixtures such as Emulsion ADM80-1 and Emulsion GPE50P can react with the fillers or aggregates in coating/render film providing a permanent waterproofing effect to the coating/render. Apart from waterproofing, Emulsion PCW50 can impart oil repellent effect to the coating film making the coating film become self-clean coating.

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