Product Name: EARTHAID


EARTTHAID is designed as a water-repellent admixture for Tech-Dry earth render system or other polymer render systems. Earthaid contains reactive silane/siloxanes which can react with earth render ingredients to impart durable water resistance to the entile body of the earth render against weathering.

Recommended Uses:

Earthaid is used as a water repellent admixture for the Tech-Dry earth render system or other polymer render systems. The resultant earth render exhibits good surface beading and low water absorption. Earthaid also provides early water repellency to prevent wash-down due to rain or dew contacting the render before cure. The final water penetration through the render is significantly reduced.

Earthaid is added at a concentration of up to 4% by weight to the earth render. The resultant earth render exhibits excellent surface beading (as shown in Figure 1) resulting in very low water absorption of the earth render. The water resistance is developed very quickly, preventing wash-down due to rain or dew contacting the render surface before cure. The water absorption through the render can be reduced by up to 95%.

As earth render varies, it is always recommended that a test must be carried out prior to application to find the suitability of this product for the purpose.

Figure 1. Excellent beading effect of earth render surface

Use Instructions:

Earthaid is easy to use. The following instructions should be followed when Earthaid is used in a typical earth render system:

  • 1)Read and understand the product data sheet before use. Stir the product before use.
  • 2)A typical earth render system with Earthaid is shown bellow (all by volume):
    Dry earth render mix 10 parts
    Earth Bonding Emulsion (Tech-Dry) 2 parts
    Earthaid (Tech-Dry) 0.4 parts
    Water to consistency
  • 3)Add the dry earth render mix into water followed by Earth Bonding Emulsion with mixing. Slowly add Earthaid into the final render mix with stirring. Stir until homogeneous render mix is obtained. Adjust the consistency of the final earth render mix according to the Tech-Dry Product Information of Earth Render Admixture Systems.
  • 4)The earth render with Earthaid is now ready to use. As the product is water-based, all equipment can be cleaned with water.

Typical Data:

  • Appearance: Milky white liquid with slight odour
  • Solids content:          50% by weight
  • Specific Gravity:         1.0 gm/ml
  • pH value:                   7-8
  • Solubility in water: Miscible
  • VOC content: Nil
  • Flash point:                >100oC

Important Note:

As products and the condition of use vary, it is always recommended that a pilot trial should be carried out prior to using Earthaid to determine the suitability of this product for the purpose.

Handling & Storage:

Earthaid is classified as a non-hazardous material according to the criteria of Worksafe Australia. However, as with all chemical products, good industrial hygiene procedures should be followed when using this product. The product should be stored in closed containers in a cool dry place away from any fire sources. The product has a shelf life of 12 months in a sealed container stored at a temperature below 25oC.


Earthaid is available in 5 and 20 litre plastic drums. Other size containers may be available on request.

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