Earthaid is a water repellent silicone admixture for producing breathable natural earth renders that are moisture, mould and salt resistant.

Tech-Dry Earthaid contains reactive silane/siloxanes which can react with earth render ingredients to impart durable water resistance to the entire body of the earth render against weathering.

It is used as a water repellent admixture for the Tech-Dry earth render system or other polymer render systems. The resultant earth render exhibits good surface beading and low water absorption. Earthaid also provides early water repellency to prevent wash-down due to rain or dew contacting the render before cure. The final water penetration through the render is reduced by up to 95%.


  • Reduces water absorption by up to 95%.
  • Product remains permanently bonded to the substrate and cannot be washed out.
  • Does not leave an oily residue on the masonry substrate.
  • Easy to use in any existing process.
  • Water-based technology with no hazardous material emitted during use.

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