Tech-Dry® Plasticure is an innovative water-repellent admixture designed to be incorporated in the manufacture of stabilised earth products including stabilised earth building materials, rammed earth walls containing cement or pressed concrete blocks.

When added to the rammed earth mix, this water-repellent admixture will make the rammed earth prodcuts permanently water repellent, salt and mould resistant, and strengthen the structure.

This product will allow the structure to impart excellent water repellency, both internally and externally, providing long term resistance against weathering and deterioration. Post construction surface treatments are generally not required after using this water-repellent admixture.

Plasticure is designed to be a water-repellent admixture, which needs to be added during the manufacturing process of rammed earth buildings.

  • Reduces water absorption and efflorescence by over 80%.
  • Product remains permanently bonded to the substrate and cannot be washed out.
  • Does not leave an oily residue on the masonry substrate.
  • Easy to use in any existing process.
  • The degree of water resistance can be varied by changing the rate of addition.
  • Water-based technology with no hazardous material emitted during use.

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