Tech-Dry Earth Render System

Tech-Dry Earth Render System

Tech-Dry® Earth Render Admixture System provides a decorative and protective brick render for earth structures and includes the following ingredients:

  • Dry earth render mix
  • Tech-Dry® Earth Bonding Emulsion
  • Tech-Dry® Earthaid
  • Other ingredients such as colourants/pigments
  • Tech-Dry® Mud Brick Water Repellent (for final finish)

The Tech-Dry® Earth Bonding Emulsion and Tech-Dry® Earthaid are used as admixtures in earth render and mud brick render mixes to provide binding, adhesion and water resistance. Mud Brick Water Repellent is used as the final protective finish after the wall is rendered to provide a durable exterior water repellent finish.

Tech-Dry® Earth Bonding Emulsion is a PVA-based emulsion which has been specifically formulated to be used as an earth brick render admixture to provide bonding and adhesion. It imparts an excellent long-lasting bonding and adhesion to the earth render when rendering mud brick walls. It also provides flexibility to the earth render to reduce earth render cracks. Earth Bonding Emulsion is also used as a primer or sealer to strengthen and dust-seal earth wall surfaces.

Tech-Dry® Earthaid is a water repellent admixture for earth renders. Earthaid reacts with earth render ingredients to impart durable water resistance to the entire body of the earth render.
Tech-Dry® Mud Brick Water Repellent is used as the final protective finish after the wall is rendered with the earth render. It is a siloxane-based penetrating water-repellent sealer which provides excellent long-lasting water repellency to the render without affecting the surface appearance and permeability when you render a wall.

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