Solid Silane

Tech-Dry® Solid Silane is a non-drip, thixotropic, water-based silane cream, which contains 80% active silanes. It is used for long term protection of high-value weather exposed reinforced concrete structures from the effects of wind driven rainwater, particularly in the control of chloride ion ingress.

The silane cream is a new concept that overcomes the problems associated with liquid silanes such as isobutyltriethoxysilane. Solid Silane can be applied to overhead and vertical surface without run off. The high penetration depths achieved with Solid Silane are due to the low volatility of the silane, combined with the long contact time with the surface.

Unlike liquid silanes, one coat of Solid Silane is generally enough to achieve similar penetration depths as several coats of liquid silane. Therefore application costs can be reduced. Tech-Dry® Solid Silane is used on reinforced concrete structures such as buildings, wharves, and bridges to prevent water and chloride ion induced reinforcement corrosion.

Tech-Dry® Solide Silane should be applied to dry concrete preferably by airless spray equipment. For small areas it can be applied by brush or roller. For more information to the Solid Silane cream, download the data sheet.


Our Solid Silane Projects

Tsing Tao Bridge, Hong Kong
Gateway Bridge, Brisbane
West Gate Bridge, Melbourne
Phillip Island Gateway Bridge
Brisbane Port

Steel embedded in reinforced concrete is protected from chloride ion corrosion by the highly alkaline environment present within the concrete mass. However, carbonation of concrete over time can lead to a decrease in the alkalinity of the concrete resulting in corrosion of the steel. The exposure of the concrete to a marine environment can often lead to the migration of water together with harmful chloride ions through the concrete to the steel reinforcement causing chloride-induced corrosion.

Chloride ion permeates concrete in solution with water. The most effective way of inhibiting the penetration of chloride ion is to form a barrier to the entry of water. Studies show that the longest lasting and most cost-effective way of stopping salt laden water from entering concrete is to treat the concrete with silane waterproof sealer or water repellent.

Alkylalkoxy silanes are low molecular weight organo-silicone compounds that can penetrate several millimeters into concrete after being applied to the surface. These silanes polymerise in the presence of alkalinity and moisture in the concrete to form polysiloxane polymer water repellent zone within the treated surface of concrete. This water repellent zone within the concrete reduces water and chloride ion penetration by up to 95%.


  • Water-based cream containing over 80% active silicones
  • Penetrates deeply into dense concrete
  • No pollution of waterways as it does not splash or run off on overhead and vertical surfaces
  • Easy quality control by measuring the wet film thickness
  • Permanently bonds to the concrete with no peel or blister
  • Forms UV, alkali stable and durable hydrophobic zone within concrete surface
  • Significantly reduces water penetration and harmful salts such as chloride ions
  • Does not significantly change the surface appearance and vapour permeability.
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