Outdoor, Entertainment Areas, Maintenance and Protection

Outdoor, Entertainment Areas, Maintenance and Protection

Ahhh! Spring turns to summer and hope springs eternal.  Victoria is out of corona lockdown and rising; and the rest of Australia is relatively normal.  The outdoor person’s outlook turns to lunch barbecues and lounging by the pool or in the backyard area.

One pesky obstacle to pristine surroundings are the stains, marks, mould and moss which accumulate on surfaces.  After the pressure cleaning of the tiles or timber, protection is paramount for the backyard owner to reduce such deterioration happening again.

Tech-Dry have an array of products which are impregnants not surface coatings so there is little maintenance and no peeling from surfaces.  These products enhance the surface of tiles and pavers, timber surfaces and pool surrounds reducing penetration of stain causing materials and preventing efflorescence.

Choose from the top deck products:

Tile and Grout – High quality water-repellent sealer for tiles and grout

Protectacrete – Solvent Based & Water Based, general-purpose water repellent sealers

Protectaseal – Solvent Based & Water Based, general purpose stain resistant sealers

Protectaseal Enhancer – Solvent Based & Water Based, stain resistant & colour enhancing…

Timber Water Repellent – Differing from the traditional timber stains or coatings, Tech-Dry Timber Water Repellent Spray is a water-based penetrating silicone.

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