Tile and Grout Sealer

Tech-Dry® Tile and Grout Sealer

Tech-Dry® Tile and Grout Sealer is a high-quality, deeply penetrating water repellent silane/siloxane sealer for tiles and grout. This impregnant tile grout sealer is designed to deeply penetrate into the capillaries of masonry surfaces and provide the substrate with high-quality water repellency, making it an excellent choice for tile sealing in Melbourne and across Australia.

It is most suitable as a bathroom tile sealer for sealing shower tiles, as well as for sealing balconies and tiled walls and floors in kitchens. This floor tile grout sealer can also be used for glazed or unglazed terracotta, ceramic, porcelain tiles and other polished masonry surfaces.

The grout and tile sealer is additionally suitable for a wide variety of other applications, including use as a stone and brick sealer, concrete sealer, and as a floor grout sealer for sealing pavers, tiles and grout. The water repellency significantly reduces the absorption of water or efflorescence or other water-borne staining materials which are responsible for the bulk of the deterioration in masonry building materials.

The tile and grout sealing treatment will not significantly change the appearance of the masonry substrates and the vapour permeability. It is also suitable for other permeable masonry building substrates and can be used as a grout and tiles sealer for both internal and external impregnation.

How to Apply Grout Sealer

Tile and Grout Sealer can be applied using a brush, roller or spray. However, the product is preferably applied by saturation flooding using a hand pressure spray or airless spray equipment. A second grout sealer spray application should follow immediately after the first coat is absorbed by the surface. This is termed a “wet-in-wet” application. The object is to saturate the surface to allow for better penetration of the tile and grout sealer.

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