Due to their permeable surfaces, masonry building materials can be easily stained by oil, grease, foods and dirt resulting in permanent staining. Coloured masonry paving such as light coloured concrete and natural stone pavers have become more and more popular for outdoor living areas and are easily stained by a variety of staining materials.

Tech-Dry® Protectaseal is a high quality, penetrating, oil, water and stain repellent sealer for treating masonry substrates. By penetrating deep into the substrate, Protectaseal offers more durable protection against any masonry or concrete stain. The protection includes resistance against staining from food, wine, tannin, and oil.

The masonry and concrete stain treatment does not change the surface appearance or vapour permeability of the substrate and can be used for concrete pavers and ceramic and natural stone tiles. It is ideal for both internal and external use on porous or polished surfaces.

To treat a masonry/ concrete stain, Tech-Dry Protectaseal is best applied using a low pressure hand spray. The product can also be applied using a brush or roller.

PROTECTASEAL S is a solvent based version of the sealer and is best suited for hard dense finishes such as in many natural stones and burnished or polished concrete.


PROTECTASEAL W is an environmentally friendly, water-borne, and low VOC alternative. It is best suited for more permeable substrates such as concrete pavers, exposed aggregate or honed concrete, concrete block and reconstituted stones.

PROTECTASEAL P is a premium-grade water-based oil and water-repellent penetrating sealer that can be used as a stain-resistant penetrating sealer for treating masonry surgaces. It is free from organic solvents, making it a good alternative to solvent-based stain-resistant sealers.


  • Oil, Water and Stain Repellent
  • Durable as it penetrates into the capillaries of the surfaces
  • Reduces oil, water and chloride ion ingress by up to 95%
  • Reduce water absorption and algae/mould growth
  • Non-film forming natural finishes with no change of surface appearance
  • Easy to apply

For more information download the Protectaseal Data sheets either for:

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