Concrete Enhancement With Environmentally Friendly Impregnation

Concrete Enhancement With Environmentally Friendly Impregnation

Treatments to Produce Durable Trafficable and Attractive Concrete Surfaces

Traditional treatments of horizontal concrete surfaces have involved the use of organic solvent-based epoxies, acrylics and polyurethanes.  In addition to these treatments releasing volatile organic compounds (possible greenhouse gases) to the atmosphere, they are generally unpleasant to use and not very durable to traffic, resulting in the need for surface preparation and re-application.

The search has been underway to develop concrete treatments with water as the carrier to attain the equivalent result to the treatments using organic solvents in the application.  Tech-Dry has worked in this field for many years.  The broad aim of this work was to develop an economical water-based material that densified the surface in addition to presenting an oil and water repellent final surface to mimic a surface coating.  After many years of research work, innovative hybrid polymer technology was developed with the carrier as water which significantly enhances the concrete surface without the downside of volatile solvent emissions and presents a final surface which is water and oil repellent and visually attractive.

These Tech-Dry sealers are:

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