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Tech-Dry is  Melbourne-based manufacturer of concrete densifiers and penetrating sealers to provide complete sealing solutions for concrete or polished concrete flooring.

Tech-Dry is a manufacturer with a strong research and development background.

Therefore, clients are assured of highest quality concrete densifiers and sealers at low cost. As a local supplier, Tech-Dry ensure their clients an immediate technical backup and product support at all times.


Densifier Sealers

Densacrete 90 is a cost-effective potassium-based concrete densifier with innovative nano-technology enabling quick spreading and deep penetration.  This results in superior hardening and dust-proofing results for any new and old concrete or polished concrete flooring.

In addition to the above densifier sealer, Tech-Dry also supplies Densacrete Lithium that is based on an advanced lithium densifier technology enabling fast processing, deeper penetration, a high-quality finish and is ideal for any new and old concrete or polished concrete.  Densacrete Hybrid is an economical alternative to lithium densifier by combining the best of both potassium and lithium technology enabling quality concrete densification sealing solutions at an affordable cost.

Penetrating Sealers

Protectaseal S is a solvent-based stain-resistant penetrating sealer that can be applied as a top sealer after densifier sealing for concrete or polished concrete. This sealer imparts water and oil repellent effects to the concrete enabling a stain-resistant finish.

Protectaseal Enhancer S is a similar stain resistant sealer; however, this sealer also provides colour enhancing effects to the concrete enabling a deep and glossy polished concrete finish to be achieved.

Protectaseal EBR200EP is a finish sealer for concrete flooring based on advanced hybrid water-based resin technology.  It provides excellent water and oil resistance to concrete flooring either as a single-use sealer or as a top finish for polished concrete. This sealer forms a tough thin film achieving a glossy, durable and stainproof concrete finish.

Advanced Concrete Densifier Sealers

Densacrete Premium is an innovative two-in-one stain resistant concrete densifier/sealer that not only provides concrete densification sealing but also offers oil and water repellent finishes for concrete or polished concrete

flooring.  The result is oil and water resistance or stainproof qualities and a self-cleaning concrete finish.  Click here & press play icon to watch Tech-Dry’s video showcasing the benefits of this product.

Densacrete Lithium Premium is another densifier that is a lithium-based oil and water repellent densification sealer that enables the best results for concrete densification and oil and water, and stain resistant treatment for new and old concrete.

The above concrete densifiers and top sealers are suitable for treating a wide range of concrete surfaces including:

  • residential interior concrete floors
  • residential exterior patios or driveways
  • factory or warehouse flooring
  • commercial or basement carparks

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