Rising damp in walls in buildings is a difficult problem to solve.  It may occur in old buildings with no original damp-course or newer buildings where the damp-course was not installed correctly.  It is a widespread problem and is described in different countries as:


Italy: ‘umidità in aumento’




Germany: ‘aufsteigende mauerfeuchtigkeit’





France: ‘humidité ascendente’





Spain: ‘humedad ascendente’



To the building conservator practiced in restoring old buildings, rising damp is regarded as a huge problem which is difficult to surmount.  However, scientific breakthroughs in silicone emulsion nanotechnology have heralded a new era in practical solutions to this age-old problem.

Tech-Dry in Melbourne have developed an emulsion of a silane molecule which, when delivered as a cream to walls produces a water repellent layer within the walls to establish a practical damp-course.  Only small holes need to be drilled in the fabric of the walls and the emulsion is environmentally friendly with no solvent contamination within the building.  Watch Tech-Dry’s video on DIY Damp Course Cream installation.



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