Damp Course Cream

Damp Course Cream


DAMPCOURSE CREAM is a water-based and environmentally friendly non-drip thixotropic silane/siloxane cream which is an easy-to-use damp-proof course material for masonry walls. The cream contains no organic solvent.

Recommended Uses

DAMPCOURSE CREAM is an innovative silane/siloxane cream which has been specifically formulated as an easy-to-use damp-proof course material to install a durable siloxane polymer damp-course into brickwork or other masonry walls to permanently stop rising damp in masonry walls.

DAMPCOURSE CREAM is designed to be installed into the mortar bed of masonry walls. Once the DAMPCOURSE CREAM is injected into the mortar bed, this thixotropic cream can stay in close contact with the mortar bed and slowly release silane/siloxane into the capillaries of the mortar bed until the cream is completely absorbed into the mortar bed. The cream also penetrates the bricks or other masonry substrates above and below the mortar bed. The silane/siloxane reacts with the mortar bed and the bricks forming a permanent polysiloxane damp-course within the treated wall.

Installing DAMPCOURSE CREAM is easy and inexpensive. There is no special equipment required to install it. It is suitable for single, double or triple brick walls or any other types of thick masonry walls including brick, block and stone walls which contain mortar beds. DAMPCOURSE CREAM can be installed from any one side or both sides of the masonry wall.

Once installed, DAMPCOURSE CREAM may take several days to be completely absorbed by the mortar bed. The mortar bed will become water repellent immediately once the cream is absorbed. However, it may take up to 7 days or more for the maximum effectiveness of the water repellency of the mortar bed after the cream is absorbed.

Use Instructions:

A hammer drill, a 10 or 12mm masonry drill bit, a 23cm caulking gun and a vacuum cleaner is required to install DAMPCOURSE CREAM. The following instructions should be followed when installing DAMPCOURSE CREAM

  •  It is important that a pilot trial is performed within the masonry wall before application in order to examine the performance and suitability of DAMPCOURSE CREAM for the purpose.
  •  Locate a mortar joint at a position normally 150mm above ground level, or at or just above floor level so both sides of the wall are evident. If installation is undertaken from the inside, carefully remove any skirting boards present to reveal the lowest mortar course above the floor.
  •  Mark holes at approximately 80 mm apart so that 3 holes can be drilled horizontally into the mortar bed of each length of brick of approximately 230 mm. The drilling depth should be approximately 10 mm less than the wall thickness. Avoid drilling holes directly above the vertical mortar joint as shown in Figure 1.
  •  Completely remove the dust from the holes using a vacuum cleaner fitted with a proper adapter that can suck the dust from inside of the holes. It is important that NO drill dust is left in the holes!

Figure 1. Positions for drilling

  •  Inject DAMPCOURSE CREAM slowly into each hole using a standard caulking gun. Extend the nozzle of the gun to the rear of the hole and slowly withdraw the nozzle as the cream is filling the hole. Make sure holes are filled fully with the cream and avoid any bubbles and hollows when filling.
  •  Each hole should be filled with approximately 12ml of the cream for a single brick wall. Therefore, the consumption of DAMPCOURSE CREAM should be approximately 150ml per metre of single brick wall or 300ml per metre of double brick wall per filling.
  •  The cream in the holes may take up to 24 hrs or more to be fully absorbed by the mortar bed and the bricks. After the cream is absorbed, there should be a continuous horizontal absorption mark (wet mark) in the treated mortar bed and/or the bricks above and below the treated mortar bed. After the cream is completely absorbed, the water repellency may also be tested by drilling several small holes in the middle of two holes within the treated mortar bed after 7 days. If the cream penetration (or water repellency from the test) has not reached the mortar in the middle of two holes, a second or more fills with DAMPCOURSE CREAM may be required.
  •  Initial water repellency should be developed immediately after the cream is absorbed. However, the full strength of the water repellency within the treated mortar bed may take up to seven days or more after the cream is absorbed.
  •  The new damp course will permanently stop the rising damp. The water which is already present in the wall above the damp course will start to evaporate out as soon as the damp course is installed. In general, the treated masonry wall should be then allowed to dry for up to 6 months before rendering, plastering and/or painting is carried out. Please refer to information for treatment of wall following damp-course installation.

Typical Data

  • Appearance: White thixotropic cream
  • Active ingredients: >80%
  • Specific gravity: approx. 0.90 g/cm3
  • pH value: 7-8
  • Solubility in water: Miscible
  • VOC content: Nil
  • Flash point: >61oC

Important Note

As masonry materials and the condition of buildings vary, it is always recommended that a pilot trial should be carried out prior to installation of DAMPCOURSE CREAM to determine the suitability of this product for the purpose.

Handling & Storage

DAMPCOURSE CREAM is classified as a non-hazardous material according to the criteria of Worksafe Australia. However, as with all chemical products, good industrial hygiene procedures should be followed when using this product. The product should be stored in closed containers in a cool dry place away from any fire sources. The product has a shelf life of 6 months in a sealed container stored between 0oC to 25oC.


DAMPCOURSE CREAM is available in a 300ml caulking tube or in 5 and 20 litre plastic pails. Other size containers may be available on request.


Recommended dosage 1 x 300ml tube will treat 1 lineal metre of single brick (110mm). This includes 2 applications.

Have a look how the Damp Course Cream is installed with our step-by-step video:

For more information on how to install the DPC Cream via 300ml, click here.

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  • Environmentally friendly water-based formulation
  • Zero VOC
  • Equal or better performance than pressure damp course injection
  • Quick Quick and easy DIY damp proof course application
  • Odourless solution and minimal staining
  • Effective in a wide range of substrates

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