Damp Course Cream

Damp Course Cream

Damp Proof Course (DPC) Cream is a water based and environmentally friendly silane/siloxane cream for damp proof course in masonry walls. The cream was specifically formulated as an easy-to-use and non-drip damp course material to install a durable siloxane polymer damp proof course into brickwork or other masonry walls and permanently stop rising damp in masonry walls.

DPC Cream is designed to be installed into the mortar bed of masonry walls. Once the DPC Cream is injected into the mortar bed, this thixotropic cream can stay in close contact with the mortar bed and slowly release silane/siloxane into the capillaries of the mortar bed until the cream is completely absorbed. The damp proof course materials also penetrate into the bricks or other masonry substrates above and below the mortar bed. The silane/siloxane reacts with the mortar bed and the bricks, forming a permanent polysiloxane damp proof course within the treated wall.

Installing damp proofing cream is easy and inexpensive. There is no special equipment or damp proof course material required to install it. It is suitable for single, double or triple brick walls, or any other types of thick masonry walls including brick, block and stone walls which contain mortar beds. DPC Cream can be installed from any one side or both sides of the masonry wall.



Recommended dosage 1 x 300ml tube will treat 1 lineal metre of single brick (110mm). This includes 2 applications.

Have a look how the Damp Course Cream is installed with our step-by-step video:

For more information on how to install the DPC Cream via 300ml, click here.

Not sure if you should go for the Damp Course Cream or the Damp Course Fluid?
Check out our fact check and make an informed decision, here.


  • Environmentally friendly water-based formulation
  • Zero VOC
  • Equal or better performance than pressure damp course injection
  • Quick Quick and easy DIY damp proof course application
  • Odourless solution and minimal staining
  • Effective in a wide range of substrates

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