Celebrate with us the 20 year anniversary of the Tech-Dry Masonry Blocks!

20 years ago our Tech-Dry scientists had a revelation. In 1996, we made a significant breakthrough in our silicone nanotechnology research and created the admixture Emulsion KR2, which renders dry pressed concrete water repellent and extends its lifespan .

The admixture become a permanent integral part of the concrete for its entire life and makes concrete water repellent. The benefits of Tech-Dry® Masonry are that it increase the masonry’s longevity, and issues such as mould growth, erosion damage due to the effects of salt from sea spray or salt-chlorinated pools, or rising damp are eliminated.

For more information on the admixture Emulsion KR2, please visit our KR2 product page.

Let’s have a look at some of the projects and buildings that involve Tech-Dry Masonry Blocks:

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