Breakthrough in Environmentally Friendly Concrete Protection

Breakthrough in Environmentally Friendly Concrete Protection

Steel reinforced concrete as a construction material has transformed the world during the last 100 years. Such concrete has been utilized in very high value infrastructure projects. One of the drawbacks of steel within concrete is that if the protection of the steel by the alkalinity of the concrete is negated by carbonation or salt encroachment, then corrosion commences. The maintenance or repair of the structures is then very expensive.

For such high value infrastructure, protection has been provided if the concrete is impregnated with deep penetrating silane liquids which decrease water and salt penetration. One of the problems with these treatments is that the silane is expensive, flammable and tends to run away causing contamination particularly in marine environments.

Scientists at Tech-Dry have developed an economic and easy to apply water-based silane cream which sits on the surface of the concrete without significant run off into surrounding areas. Once the cream has broken down releasing active silane to the concrete, deep impregnation is the result. The concrete is then water and salt repellent, and in addition is resistant to oil and staining. No significant volatile organic compounds are released to the atmosphere.

This scientific breakthrough reduces the cost of concrete protection whilst decreasing the environmental load. The lifetime of costly infrastructure is significantly extended.

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