Which Concrete Densifier Is Suitable To Choose From Tech-dry’s Densacrete Range?

Which Concrete Densifier Is Suitable To Choose From Tech-dry’s Densacrete Range?

Depending upon what you want to achieve, you choose the strength. 

Dr. Ren Kebao, Tech-Dry’s Technical Manager, has further developed concrete densifier sealers under the “Densacrete” name.  Dr. Ren researched the customer’s demand for a more affordable concrete densifier sealer specifically tailored to a job.  The Densacrete range includes five products:

Densacrete 90

Potassium-based concrete densifier with innovative nano-technology enabling quick spreading and deep penetration resulting in superior hardening and dust- proofing results for new and old concrete at low cost.

Densacrete Hybrid

Economical alternative of lithium densifier by combining the best of both potassium and lithium technology enabling fast and quality concrete densification sealing for new and old concrete.

Densacrete Lithium

Advanced lithium-based technology enabling fast processing, deeper penetration, a high-quality finish, ideal for hardener and dust-proofing of new or old concrete.

Densacrete Premium

Innovative stain resistant concrete densifier that combines concrete densification and oil and water repellent sealing for new and old concrete.  The result is oil and water resistant or stainproof or a self-clean concrete finish.  Click here to watch tech-dry’s video showcasing the benefits of this product

Densacrete Lithium Premium

Superior lithium concrete densifier enhanced with oil and water repellent technology enabling the best results for concrete densification and oil and water or stain resistant treatment for new and old concrete.

The Densacrete range provides the same concrete densifying sealing as previous features but with a degree of price difference ranging from the low-cost general “Densacrete 90” – potassium based to the more high-end finish “Densacrete Lithium Premium” – oil and water stain resistant.

The customer controls how many applications are necessary to achieve penetration deep into the surface making the concrete harden and dust-proof plus whether a smooth and glossy finish is desirable.

Densacrete range of products are recommended for a variety of purposes:

  • residential interior concrete floors
  • residential exterior driveways
  • factory or warehouse flooring
  • commercial carparks

Concrete Densifier Sealer:  Densacrete Range (Comparison Chart highlighting key features and benefits).

Please note all Tech-Dry Densifiers are water-based.

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