Interview with the Head of Research to Silipell SP2

Interview with the Head of Research to Silipell SP2

We met with Ren Kebao, the Head of Research at Tech-Dry Building Protection and ask him about the new product Silipell SP2. Here is what he had to say:

In simple words, what does Silipell SP2 do?

Silipell SP2 is a unique high performance admixture for precast concrete.

It’s addition increases the water and salt resistance, and overall durability of the concrete.

How did you get the idea for this new product?

A water repellent admixture specifically designed for precast concrete was already existing in our current product range called Techdryad Super.

However, it had limited applications, mainly used in the production of concrete pavers. So developing a totally new product with multiple uses was a priority.

Plus this new product had to offer a more improved performance overall. Hence, Silipell SP2 was born.

What is the difference between Techdryad Super and Silipell SP2?

The two products are hard to compare. Silipell SP2 is a totally different product, chemically, to Techdryad Super.

This new product provides a more improved overall performance in the final concrete product, that is, increased water & salt resistance, and better surface finish.

How does Silipell SP2 compare to other common admixtures currently available on the market?

Silipell SP2 is a silicone emulsion. This makes it unique compared to other common admixtures which are mainly stearates and oleates which are biodegradable in nature so they only give limited protection. On the other hand, Silipell SP2 when added into the concrete, will react with the concrete itself, becoming a permanent part it. This means it won’t get washed out or degrade, and it will remain permanent for the life of the concrete, offering a lifetime of protection.

What are the key benefits of using Silipell SP2?

This admixture can be used in many concrete applications, providing many key benefits to the finished product.

These include:

  • no efflorescence
  • no mould
  • no rising damp
  • no colour fading
  • surfaces remain cleaner for longer
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