Protection of natural limestone from water-borne deterioration

Protection of natural limestone from water-borne deterioration

Limestone is a natural choice to construct fair-faced attractive walls and interior surfaces.  One of the issues with natural limestone is that it is soft and permeable to water carrying soiling materials.  This means that over time it can absorb water and become stained and the damp surface grows mould and related biologicals.

In the past, to overcome these deficiencies water-based acrylic emulsions have been used to coat the surface of the limestone.  However, these coatings do not penetrate the surface and ultimately delaminate and water can also accumulate behind the coating and affect the natural appearance.  Caustic solutions also have been used but are difficult to apply safely and add salt to the surface when salt should be avoided.

Research and development at Tech-Dry has developed a silicone impregnant based on nanotechnology which penetrates the natural limestone and bonds to the capillaries and makes the limestone water repellent and durable.  This is a 21st century solution to an age-old problem and the final walls exhibit a pristine, natural look.  These treatments offer a low cost no maintenance preposition.

Tech-Dry also has a range of penetrating sealers for stone which induce oil and water repellency and are no maintenance treatments:

Limestone Emulsion
Protectaseal Enhancer
Tile & Grout Sealer

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