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Rising Damp Treatment

One of the most destructive problems a home or building can encounter, particularly an older home or building, is rising damp. Rising damp is moisture, essentially ground water, which is absorbed by the walls of the building or home. It can cause a musty, pungent smell – usually one of the first tell-tale signs of rising damp – that can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions in those susceptible to such health problems. If the absorbed moisture contains soluble salts, it can also eat away at the foundations of the home and cause expensive structural damage. Since 1982, Tech-Dry has been a pioneer in answering the hard question of how to fix rising damp in Australian buildings. Together with Victoria University, we have researched and developed innovative silicone based damp course treatments, including the most recent advanced water-based rising damp treatment cream technology.

What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is the natural phenomena of moisture containing ground salts rising by capillary absorption up a brick or masonry structure, e.g. masonry walls or fireplaces. To read more about rising damp, or to read more on damp proofing and how to fix rising damp, download our Guide to Rising Damp and How to Detect a Damp House documents. For fixing rising damp issues in an old house, the only solution is to install a new damp course to prevent salt migration and damp rising up the walls. Needless to say, this is a very expensive and risky operation. Alternatively, Tech-Dry has also developed more user-friendly and cost-effective methods for treating rising damp. Our rising damp treatment products are applied into the wall to render it water resistant, so neither moisture nor salt can rise up any longer.

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