• Rising Damp Protection

    Tech-Dry pioneered the treatment of rising damp in Australia. Together with Victoria University we have researched and developed innovative silicone based damp course treatments since 1982. With over 30 years of experience, we have produced more efficient and user-friendly products to treat and prot.. Read More

  • Sealers

    Tech-Dry's range of penetrating sealers provides a long-lasting, durable seal to masonry surfaces such as pavers, bricks, natural stones, tiles, concrete and grout. Penetrating deep into the substrate, Tech-Dry sealers protect against staining and repel oil and water whilst still allowing the substr.. Read More

  • Concrete Protection

    Tech-Dry Concrete Protection specialises in solutions agains corrosion of reinforced concrete, also known as concrete cancer. Generally, steel embedded in reinforced concrete is protected from corrosion by the highly alkaline environment present within the concrete mass. However, carbonation of.. Read More

  • Protectacrete

    Protectacrete is a high-quality silane and siloxane-based concrete sealer that can also be used to seal bricks, natural stone, tiles or any masonry surfaces... Read More

  • Protectaseal

    Protectaseal is a stain resistant masonry and stone sealer that penetrates deeply into masonry surfaces to repel oil and water and prevent stains... Read More

  • Protectaseal Enhancer

    Protectaseal Enhancer is a penetrating sealer that combines water and stain repellency with a deepening of the colours in the substrate... Read More

  • Lithium Densifier

    Lithium Densifier contains active lithium silicates and is a sealer used to treat polished concrete floors or densify new or old concrete in residential and commercial premises... Read More

  • Tile and Grout Sealer

    Tile and Grout Sealer is a deeply penetrating water repellent sealer for tiles and grout... Read More

  • Limestone Emulsion

    Limestone Emulsion is a water-based water repellent penetrating sealer and surface binder for permeable Australian limestone surfaces... Read More

  • Protectasilane

    Protectasilane is a silane-based high-quality water repellent concrete sealer for the impregnation of concrete buildings or structures... Read More

  • Protectasilane 100w

    Protectasilane 100W is a water-based silicone water repellent concentrate, containing 100% active silane/siloxane for making general purpose masonry or concrete sealer... Read More

  • Solid Silane

    Solid Silane is a non-drip, water-based cream, used for long term protection of high-value weather exposed reinforced concrete structures... Read More