• Anti-Graffiti Protection

    Tags, throw-ups, pieces and bombings; all of these are types of graffiti that turn up anywhere and everywhere. Research shows that graffiti removal within 24 to 48 hours significantly reduces the chance of graffiti re-occurring. Sometimes removing graffiti within a short time frame may be difficult,.. Read More

  • Block Emulsion

    Tech-Dry admixtures are formulated for pressed concrete products including concrete blocks, pavers or other pressed concrete masonry which are manufactured involving pre-sealing technology by using Tech-Dry concrete admixtures which are silicone waterproof and water repellent admixtures. Furthe.. Read More

  • Concrete Protection

    Tech-Dry Concrete Protection specialises in solutions agains corrosion of reinforced concrete, also known as concrete cancer. Generally, steel embedded in reinforced concrete is protected from corrosion by the highly alkaline environment present within the concrete mass. However, carbonation of.. Read More

  • Earth Building Protection

    The Tech-Dry earth protection products are well established in both the home and overseas markets. Tech-Dry water repellent admixture such as Plasticure has been proven as the most efficient admixture for rammed earth buildings and gained world-wide acceptance by rammed earth architects and builders.. Read More

  • Raw Material for Sealers

    In 1996 in conjunction with Victoria University, utilising silicone nano-technology, our research scientists developed silicone water repellent and waterproof concentrates to be used in the manufacture of pressed concrete masonry. Now, Tech-Dry offers a wide range of our products as a concentrat.. Read More

  • Rising Damp Protection

    Tech-Dry pioneered the treatment of rising damp in Australia. Together with Victoria University we have researched and developed innovative silicone based damp course treatments since 1982. With over 30 years of experience, we have produced more efficient and user-friendly products to treat and prot.. Read More

  • Sealers

    Tech-Dry's range of penetrating sealers provides a long-lasting, durable seal to masonry surfaces such as pavers, bricks, natural stones, tiles, concrete and grout. Penetrating deep into the substrate, Tech-Dry sealers protect against staining and repel oil and water whilst still allowing the substr.. Read More