Silipell SP2

Tech-Dry® Silipell SP2 is a water repellent admixture containing silane/siloxane for concrete masonry with enhanced water-repellent performance.

Tech-Dry® Silipell SP2 is designed as an admixture for precast concrete including ready-mix concrete, slump concrete, cement mortar/render or any cementitious products. When this admixture is incorporated into precast concrete mix, the permeability to water and the occurrence of unsightly efflorescence is significantly reduced.

The use of this admixture for precast concrete enhances the intrinsic quality of concrete products by reducing the damage caused by weathering-related water uptake and efflorescence.


  • Suitable for a variety of concrete products including wet-cast and dry-mix
  • Significantly reduces water absorption and efflorescence
  • Improves concrete workability and external finish
  • Permanently bonds to the substrate and cannot be washed out
  • Contains no VOC and no hazardous materials

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