TechdryAd Quickset

TechdryAd Quickset is an admixture used as a setting accelerant in cement mortars. It is designed to be used in conjunction with TechdryAd Mortar Additive to help create quick set cement when laying Tech-Dry Blocks in colder climates where the temperature is low, or when fast setting mortar is required.

This quick set cement admixture is recommended to be used together with TechdryAd MortarAdditive at a dosage rate of 0.5 to 1 litre per 40kg cement at a cement/sand ratio of 1 to 4. A higher dosage rate is required when the temperature is low.

TechdryAd Quickset is added separately after TechdryAd Mortar Additive has been added and thoroughly mixed. Please do NOT pre-mix TechdryAd Quickset with TechdryAd MortarAdditive.

For more information download the TechdryAd Quickset data sheet.

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