Tech-Dry Masonry

Utilising pre-sealing nanotechnology, Tech-Dry® Masonry is pressed concrete products manufactured using Tech-Dry’s range of innovative silicone water repellent admixtures. These admixtures significantly reduce water absorption in the concrete, and hence reduce the presence of unsightly long term efflorescence and concrete mould discoloration.

The scientific breakthrough of pre-sealing nanotechnology means that these water repellent admixtures become a permanent integral part of the concrete for its entire life, which means, issues such as concrete mould growth, erosion damage due to the effects of salt from sea spray or salt-chlorinated pools or rising damp are eliminated. Also, as the builiding structure remains dry, it is an environmentally friendly as the evaporation from damp external walls use energy, and the surface does not need any further treating.

Tech-Dry® Masonry, besides being for protection against conrete mould and efflorescence, is manufactured as decorative concrete blocks, bricks, pavers, retaining wall units and tiles, which can be made with either close to natural stone appearance, innovative textures or contemporary colours.

Tech-Dry® Masonry is available Australia-wide and overseas.


  • Long term resistantce to moisure, efflorescence and mould
  • No rising damp
  • Surface remains clean, pristine and colour-fast
  • Masonry remains dry and can be laid in wet weather
  • Innovative textures and contemporary colours available
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