Protectaseal c is a solvent-based oil/water repellent concentrate. After dilution, the product can be used as a penetrating oil/water repellent for masonry substrates. It not only offers good water repellent effect to the masonry surface but also provides good stain resistance against the majority of staining materials including oil, juice, coffee, wine food. The treatment will not significantly change the appearance and vapour permeability of the substrate surface. However, a slight darkening of the surface may occur for some substrates. Some of the important features of this product include:

  • Penetrates into masonry substrate.
  • Hard wearing and durable formulation.
  • Efficient oil/water-repellent and stain resistant properties.

Recommended Uses:
Once diluted, this product is suitable to produce stain resistant sealers for permeable building materials such as natural stones, concrete pavers, clay bricks, terracotta/porcelain tiles and grouts. The recommended solvent for dilution is iso-propanol. The dilution ratio is 1part concentrate to 4 or up to 9 parts solvent. Please note that moisture within the solvent can reduce shelf life of the finished sealer. Therefore, water content in the solvent should be strictly controlled. If necessary, suitable moisture absorbent may be used to ensure the maximum shelf life of the finished products. Refer to PROTECTASEAL-S product data sheet for application.

Typical Data:

  • Appearance: colourless liquid with alcoholic odour
  • Density: approx. 0.87g/ml at 20 oC
  • Solubility in water: insoluble in water
  • Flash point: 12ºC

Important Note:

Protectaseal c is a raw material for producing oil/water repellent or stain-resistant sealers for masonry materials. As the storage, handling, dilution (or re-formulation) and final application of this material is beyond our control, it is the end user’s sole responsibility to conduct proper tests prior to application to determine the suitability of this product for the purpose.

Handling & Storage:

Protectaseal c is a hazardous and flammable material. Vapour inhalation and skin or eye contact should be avoided by wearing proper protection. Wear an air-purifying respirator if there is a risk of exposure to high vapour concentrations. Wash hands after handling. The product has a shelf life of 6 months in sealed original container under 25ºC in a cool dry place away from any fire or ignition sources.

Use with sufficient ventilation away from any fire or ignition sources!

Protectaseal c is available in 200 litre metal drums.

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