Tech-Dry® Protectaseal C is a solvent-based waterproofing and oil repellent concentrate. After dilution, the product can be used as a penetrating oil/water repellent for masonry substrates.

It not only offers good solvent-based waterproofing effect to masonry surfaces but also provides good stain resistance against the majority of staining materials including oil, juice, coffee, wine food.

The treatment will not significantly change the appearance and vapour permeability of the substrate surface. However, a slight darkening of the surface may occur for some substrates.

Though primarily for solvent-based waterproofing and oil repellency, this product, once diluted, is suitable to produce stain resistant sealers for permeable building materials such as natural stones, concrete pavers, clay bricks, terracotta/ porcelain tiles and grouts. 

For more information, download the Protectaseal-C data sheet.


  • Penetrates into masonry substrates.
  • Hard wearing and durable formulation.
  • Efficient oil/water-repellent and stain resistant properties.

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