Product Name: POWDERSIL 50


Powdersil 50 is highly effective silicone-based water repellent admixture designed as a free-flowing powder form for cementitious products.

Recommended Uses:

As free-flowing powder, Powdersil 50 can be blended with dry ingredients of cementitious material to provide hydrophobic property to the cementitious products. It is particularly useful in grouts, joint fillers, mortar and façade rendering applications.

Some of the important features of Powdersil 50 include:

  • Reduces water absorption and efflorescence of cementitious product.
  • Remains permanently bonded in the entire substrate and cannot be washed out.
  • Does not leave any oily residue on the substrate.
  • Easy to use in any existing production processes.
  • The degree of water repellency can be varied by changing the rate of addition.
  • Easy mixing with other cementitious ingredients and dispersing in water.


Use Instructions:

It is important that the applicator should perform trials before application.

1. Dosage

The dosage of Powdersil 50 depends on the specific mix design and the level of water repellency that is required. The use level is between 0.1% to 2% based on the total dry weight of the finished product.

2. Addition

Powdersil 50 can be added at any time during production of cementitious material. However, end user should carry out test to find the best suitable way of mixing Powdersil 50 into the product. Ensure that the product is evenly dispersed.

Typical Data:

  • Appearance: White free-flowing powder with slight odour
  • Particle size distribution:          100% @ <500micron
  • Mean particle size: 300 micron
  • Bulk density:          600 g/l

Important Note:

As condition varies, it is recommended that a pilot trial should be carried out prior to using Powdersil 50 to determine the suitability of this product for the purpose.

Handling & Storage:

Powdersil 50 is a non-hazardous material. However, good industrial hygiene procedures should be followed when handling. The product should be stored in closed containers in a cool dry place away from any fire sources. The product has a shelf life of 12 months in a sealed container stored at a temperature below 25oC.


Powdersil 50 is available in 10kg bags. Other type of package may be available on request.

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