No More Graffiti

Tech-Dry® No More Graffiti is a water-based sacrificial anti-graffiti coating based on aqueous wax and polymer emulsions. Once applied to a surface, No More Graffiti forms a thin film between the surface to be protected and graffiti paint or other staining materials.

With this anti-graffiti coating, the graffiti can be easily removed by simply cleaning the surface with hot, high-pressure water. The removal process strips the film of No More Graffiti together with the graffiti resulting in a clean, stain-free surface. The non-stick water repellent nature of surfaces treated with this anti-graffiti coating may also discourage the adhesion of glue-on advertising posters.

No More Graffiti is used as a low cost sacrificial anti-graffiti coating specifically designed for the application on all types of masonry surfaces such as brick, concrete, natural stone and blockwork. It may also be applied to non-masonry substrates such as timber, metal, painted surfaces or surfaces coated with textured coating or polymer render. However, a small test is strongly recommended prior to application to determine product suitability for a particular surface.

  • Excellent resistance to graffiti and other staining compounds.
  • Durable UV stable formulation, hence no yellowing or peeling.
  • The product and method of removal are environmentally friendly, that is, no organic solvents such as paint strippers are required.
  • Easy application by brush, roller or airless sprayer.
  • Non-corrosive, non-flammable formulation allows easy clean up in water.

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