Product Name: EMULSION PCW40E


Emulsion pcw40E is a water-bone silicone-based oil and water repellent and colour enhancing sealer. After dilution with water, Emulsion pcw40E can be used a stain resistant and colour enhancing penetrating sealer for treating masonry substrates. This sealer provides good water repellent and stain resistant effect against staining materials such as oil, coffee, wine, tannin, grease, food or other staining materials. The product is a non-film-forming penetrating sealer, providing a wet-look or colour enhancing effect (non- gloss) to masonry surfaces without significantly changing the surface characteristics.

Some of the important features of Emulsion pcw40E:

  •  Good resistance to oil or water-based stains.
  •  Reduce water absorption and algae/mould growth.
  •  Penetrates & bonds to the substrate providing long term protection.
  •  Darkens surface (non-gloss) without significantly changing the surface characteristics.
  •  Suitable for masonry substrates especially porous materials.
  •  Durable, low VOC, and UV stable formulation.

Recommended Uses:
Emulsion pcw40E is suitable for treating most masonry materials, but it is best suitable to treat porous substrates including natural stone, concrete blocks or pavers, tiles and grout. Due to the water-based formulation, Emulsion pcw40E has limited penetration in dense substrates. The product is well suited for treating porous or permeable surfaces. However, it can still provide reasonable water repellent and stain resistant performance to dense substrates with good colour enhancing effect.

Emulsion pcw40E should be diluted with water before use. The dilution varies from 1 part emulsion to 2 or 3 parts water. A typical dilution ratio is at 1 part emulsion to 2.5 parts deionised water. However, the best dilution ratio may be determined by pilot testing.

Please refer to the attached report for the colour enhancing effect of various masonry substrates treated with Emulsion pcw40E.

Please note, as masonry substrate varies, a test MUST be conducted prior to application to determine the suitability of this product for the purpose.

Typical Data:

  • Appearance: White emulsion
  • Active content: 40%
  • Specific Gravity: c.a. 0.98 g/ml at 20oC
  • pH value:                 c.a. 7-9
  • Solubility in water:    miscible in water
  • VOC content: nil

Handling & Storage:

Emulsion pcw40E is a non-hazardous product. Please follow good industrial hygiene procedures when handling the product. The product should be stored in sealed containers in a cool dry place away from fire sources. The recommended shelf life is 12 months in a sealed container at 5oC to 25oC.


Emulsion pcw40E is available in 20, 200 and 1,000 litre containers.

1. Dense natural stones from left: slate, Asia bluestone, Australia bluestone and granite

2.Permeable natural sandstones

3.Light colour natural stones from left: travertine and limestone

4.Light colour natural stones from left: travertine and limestone

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