Emulsion GPE50P

Tech-Dry® Emulsion GPE50-P is a new silane/siloxane emulsion concentrate with an enhanced surface beading effect. It is designed to replace solvent-based silane/siloxane to produce a water-based silicone sealer with a strong water repellent effect.

When diluted with water, Emulsion GPE50-P forms a penetrating water repellent silicone sealer, which is designed as a natural stone, brick, concrete and paving sealer, such as a tile and grout sealer.

For more information on the use of Emulsion GPE50-P, download the data sheet.


  • Reduces water absorption and algae mould growth
  • Penetrates and permanently bonds to the masonry
  • UV and alkali stable and wearing resistance
  • Water-based technology with no VOC

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