Available From Major Concrete Block & Paver Manufacturers Australia Wide

Similar to Emulsion KR2, Block Emulsion is an innovative admixture for pressed concrete to make concrete products water repellent and to virtually eliminate the occurrence of efflorescence. It’s available in products from leading manufacturers across Australia.

The use of Block Emulsion enhances the intrinsic quality of pressed concrete products by reducing the damage caused by weathering-related water uptake and efflorescence. This is a traditional silicone admixture and compared to Emulsion KR2 is a more cost-efficient product, due to a smaller percentage of silicone within the formulation.

Block Emulsion is designed to be a water repellent admixture during the manufacture of pressed concrete products, including load-bearing blocks, decorative blocks, coloured blocks, and blocks for retaining walls and basements. It may also be added into concrete pavers or other pressed concrete masonry or products made by similar production procedures.


Block Emulsion is designed to be added as part of the gauging water during the mixing process. The rate of addition depends on the specific mix design and the level of water repellency required. The usual dosage rate is about 1.0 litre of Block Emulsion per tonne (1000kg) of dry mix ingredients.


  • Reduces water absorption and efflorescence by over 80%
  • Permanent bonding to the substrate and cannot be washed out
  • Does not leave an oily residue
  • Cost effective solution

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