1. Is there a product I can use to stop permanent staining in my surfaces?
    Yes, PROTECTASEAL S will stop and protect most masonry surfaces against oil and water based staining.
  2. Can I use PROTECTASEAL S on my kitchen benchtop?
    Yes. PROTECTASEAL S is ideal for sealing and protecting marble and granite benchtops against food and oil stains.
  3. I have a paved BBQ area, how do I protect the pavers against cooking grease and general food stains?
    PROTECTASEAL S will protect paving against grease and food staining.
  4. Will the Tech-Dry stain resistant sealers change the colour of my pavers?
    Generally, PROTECTASEAL S will not cause a change in appearance, however on some coloured surfaces; there may be a very slight darkening. A small test area is recommended prior to application to confirm the desired result.
  5. Will the Tech-Dry stain resistant sealers make my surface slippery?
    No. The Tech-Dry sealers are penetrating so there is no film or coating present after application. The original surface is still present.
  6. How often do I need to reapply the stain resistant sealers to my floor?
    PROTECTASEAL S will last a minimum of 3-5 years before reapplication is required, however, the overall lifetime of the sealer may vary due to surface traffic.
  7. What type of surfaces can I apply the PROTECTASEAL S to?
    This product can be applied to most masonry surfaces such as concrete, natural stone, and brick. Please see the WHERE SEALERS WORK brochure for product and surface compatibility.
  8. How do I remove timber stains from my pavers?
    NO MORE STAINS will remove timber stains from most masonry surfaces. It is recommended that PROTECTASEAL S be applied after removal to protect against future potential staining.
  9. What type of stains will NO MORE STAINS remove?
    NO MORE STAINS will remove organic stains, particularly timber and may remove some food and oil stains.
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