Earth Building Protection

  1. Is there a product available that will stop my earth wall from cracking in the sun?
    Cracking occurs when an external wall is repeatedly wet and dried in an exposed environment. If the wall cannot be protected against rain or other water sources then a penetrating water repellent sealer can be applied over the surface. This sealer will stop the wall from absorbing water; however it will not impede its ability to breathe.
  2. How important is the breathability of my earth wall?
    The breathability of earth walls is essential, or the risk of deterioration (due to the accumulation of trapped moisture within) is too great. Any surface application of a water repellent sealer or dust binder must not interfere with the permeability of the wall. Tech-Dry earth building products are designed to provide the maximum protection without affecting the gaseous transfer within the wall.
  3. Is a product available to prevent my external walls from crumbling?
    Yes. EARTHSHELD is a combined water repellent and surface dust binder. This product will both protect the surface against moisture, as well as bind it against dusting. EARTHSHIELD will not affect the surface breathability or appearance.
  4. Is there a product available that will seal the internal walls from dust and residue?
    There are two products available for dust sealing internal earth walls: EARTH BONDING EMULSION and EARTH BINDER. Both will provide excellent surface adhesion, however, EARTH BINDER has some water resistance so its use is ideal in wet areas such as a bathroom or kitchen.
  5. What is the ideal time to apply sealers?
    Ideally, Tech-Dry water repellent sealers should be applied between 10°C – 25°C, preferably on non-windy days where rain is not expected. Dust sealers should not be applied at temperatures below 10°C or when temperatures will drop below 10°C as this will affect proper curing of the product on the surface.
  6. If a sealer was used on the walls, how long would it last?
    Tech-Dry sealers have a life expectancy of a minimum of 5 years before reapplication is required. However, this time period may vary depending on the degree of surface traffic and climatic conditions.
  7. Can I use Tech-Dry products if my wall has been previously treated?
    Yes. Most Tech-Dry products can be used, however please contact us to confirm a specific product’s compatibility.
  8. I am planning to build a home from rammed earth, what measures can be taken to weather-proof the building materials?
    Tech-Dry produce PLASTICURE, an admixture designed to be added to the rammed earth mix during construction. This will make the entire rammed earth structure water repellent, including the surface. A dust sealer should still be applied internally, while an external water repellent sealer may be applied (but not necessary) to enhance the surface water repellency.
  9. Will the Tech-Dry products change the appearance of the earth building materials?
    All Tech-Dry water repellent sealers produce a matte finish. As the sealers are penetrating there is no skin or film present. There is no significant colour change; however there is a slight darkening in some substrates. The dust sealers, when diluted to the recommended ratio, will also provide a matte finish to the earth substrates. Again there will be no colour change. A test area is recommended prior to application.
  10. Is your earth render system compatible with other admixtures – e.g. colours?
    Generally, yes. However, as admixtures vary in chemical composition, please contact Tech-Dry to confirm compatibility.
  11. I want to render my wall, what can I use to water-proof the render mix?
    Tech-Dry have introduced an EARTH RENDER ADMIXTURE SYSTEM. This system includes surface preparation and priming, preparing and applying the earth render, and finally, sealing the render after application.
  12. I am allergic to solvents – are your products safe?
    Tech-Dry manufacture a number of user friendly and environmentally friendly products. These are water-based and possess zero VOC. Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request.
  13. What tools do I need to apply your products?
    Tech-Dry products can be easily applied using a brush, roller or pump-up sprayer (eg. weed killer sprayer). Most Tech-Dry products are user-friendly, however we do advise the wearing of efficient eye and ear protection, gloves and respiratory equipment.
  14. How do I clean my tools after using your products?
    Depending on the type of Tech-Dry product used, all tools can be cleaned using water or mineral turpentine.
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