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Tech-Dry manufactures a range of water repellent / waterproof admixtures for waterproofing cement render, concrete and/or concrete masonry.

Guide to Selecting Our Concrete Admixtures for Water Proofing

Concrete admixtures for dry-pressed concrete such as concrete blocks, pavers and roof tiles:


is the most popular silicone water repellent / waterproof admixture in Australia and for dry-pressed concrete masonry including concrete blocks and pavers. When Block Emulsion is incorporated into pressed concrete products, the permeability to water and the occurrence of unsightly efflorescence is virtually eliminated.


is a concentrated silicone water-repellent / waterproof admixture similar to Block Emulsion for dry-pressed concrete.

Concrete additives for wet-cast concrete including pre-cast concrete, fibro cement board, and other wet-cast concrete products:


is a silicone water-repellent / waterproof admixture designed for wet-cast concrete or similar applications. It may also be used for dry-pressed concrete masonry.


50 is a free-flowing powder silicone water-repellent / waterproof admixture particularly useful in grouts, joint fillers, mortar and facade rendering applications. This concrete waterproofing additive can be pre-blended with dry ingredients of cementitious materials to provide hydrophobic properties to the finished products.

General-purpose water repellent/waterproof admixtures for mortar or cement render:


is an aqueous waterproof concrete additive for cement and mortars specifically formulated for laying water-repellent concrete blocks or Tech-Dry Masonry. It not only makes to waterproof mortar render but also improves the adhesion of the mortar to the water-repellent blocks and improves the workability of the mortar mixture.


is a 3 in 1 admixture for waterproofing cement render, similar to that of Mortar Additive. This product is recommended for the cement render after Tech-Dry Damp Course installation. For information about treating rising damp and subsequent treatment after new damp course installation, visit our Damp Course page.

For more information about Tech-Dry concrete admixtures and concrete additives in Australia, click here.

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