Tech-Dry admixtures are formulated for pressed concrete products including concrete blocks, pavers or other pressed concrete masonry which are manufactured involving pre-sealing technology by using Tech-Dry concrete admixtures which are silicone waterproof and water repellent admixtures. Furthermore Tech-Dry has a range of specialised admixtures for acrylic and cement renders and mortar additives.

In 1996 in conjunction with Victoria University, utilising silicone nano-technology, our research scientists developed silicone water repellent and waterproof admixtures to be used in the manufacture of pressed concrete masonry. The performance of these admixtures greatly exceeded those of commonly used stearate and oleate admixtures in the reduction of water absorption. Due to the significantly reduced water absorption the admixtures reduce the possibility of efflorescence, mould or mildew staining.

The scientific breakthrough of pre-sealing technology means that the silicone water repellent admixture incorporated during manufacture of the concrete product remains as an integral part of the concrete for its entire life. Extensive testing has taken place on the performance of Tech-Dry Masonry.

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