Tech-Dry® Emulsion PCW50 is an environmentally friendly water-based oil and water repellent used as a stain resistant sealer for treating masonry substrates. The treatment does not change the surface appearance or vapour permeability of the substrate.

The stain resistant sealer provides excellent protection against the majority of stains including food, wine, tannin, and oil. Emulsion PCW50 contains no organic solvent and is a good alternative to a stain resistant sealer that is solvent-based.

Tech-Dry® Emulsion PCW50 is suitable for all masonry materials including natural stone, concrete block, pavers/driveways, brick, terracotta, tiles and grout. Due to being a water-based product, Emulsion PCW50 has limited penetration ability in dense substrates so the product may be most suitable for treating permeable masonry substrate. However, Emulsion PCW50 can still provide reasonable water repellent performance to dense substrates whilst being on excellent stain resistant sealer.

For dense materials, a Tech-Dry® solvent-based stain resistant sealer may be selected as a better alternative.


  • Good resistance to oil and water-based stains
  • Reduces water absorption and algae/mould growth
  • Penetrates and permanently bonds to the masonry
  • UV and alkali stable and wearing resistance
  • Non-film forming and no change to appearance
  • Water-based technology with no VOC

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