Essential Construction Chemicals / Additives for Quality Concrete

Essential Construction Chemicals / Additives for Quality Concrete

As construction methods for buildings, roads and other infrastructure projects continue to evolve, the need for concrete to continue improving both in quality and durability is also important. Concrete has no doubt come along way since the industrial era when it received a second wind of usage as a construction material that has lasted ever since. These days, in addition to cement and water, concrete also includes various chemicals and aggregates (i.e. a mixture of sand, gravel and crushed stone) to provide a wealth of additional functions and benefits. This blog post looks at the various chemicals your concrete will likely need to remain durable in all conditions. Once these have been added to your concrete, you can rest assured that your mix will be ready for laying and the final product will look better for longer.

Five Important Admixture Products to Include

Concrete additives, or admixtures, are typically added to the concrete batch either before or during the mixing process. There are numerous types of additives, each serving a different purpose. Look for these essential construction chemicals, including Tech-Dry’s admixture for concrete masonry, to be added to your concrete mixture to enhance its durability and extend its life.

Set Retarding Additive

Though the intention of laying concrete is to have it set, there might be some situations where you don’t want it to set too soon. A set-retarding additive can help to delay the chemical reaction that occurs when concrete begins to set. This admixture can be particularly useful in the construction of concrete pavement to reduce cracking.

Air-Entrainment Additive

This additive produces small bubbles in the concrete which helps to increase its freeze-thaw durability. It creates a concrete that offers high resistance to wetting and drying cycles, a high degree of workability and a high degree of durability.

Acceleration Additive

Adding an acceleration admixture to your concrete not only helps to bolster the rate of concrete strength development but can also increase the speed at which it sets. Acceleration admixtures are especially helpful for altering the properties of concrete in cold weather.

Shrinkage Reducing Additive

Concrete shrinkage typically occurs during the drying stage, with the loss of capillary water resulting in the hardened concrete mixture contracting which can lead to cracking and internal warping. While shrinkage reducing additives can alleviate these problems, it should be noted that they can also inhibit strength development.

Corrosion-Inhibiting Additive

Corrosion inhibitors are particularly useful in cases where reinforcing steel beams have been installed in concrete. The additive can aid in the slowing down of corrosion of reinforced concrete structures, potentially resulting in significant maintenance cost reductions over their 30-40 year lifespan.

Other construction chemicals or additives to consider for inclusion include superplasticisers and water reducing concrete admixtures such as Tech-Dry’s Admixture for concrete masonry.

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